Humans of Golarion. 2. Human Ethnicities. Combat: Human Weapons. Faith: Aroden. Magic: Human Racial Spells. Social: Human Traits and Trait. Humans of Golarion presents a player-friendly overview of the fantastical human PDF: Fulfilled immediately. Print Edition: Unavailable. Non-Mint: Unavailable. [PDF] Pathfinder Player Companion: Humans of Golarion. Pathfinder Player Companion: Humans of Golarion. Book Review. A brand new e-book with an all.

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PDF: $ Humans of Golarion, a Pathfinder Player Companion by James Jacobs, Colin McComb, Sean K Reynolds, Amber Scott, and. PZO Pathfinder Society M Adobe Portable PZO Humans of M Adobe Portable. The greatest heroes of Golarion's modern age record their .. The first civilized humans of Golarion were the Azlanti, a proud race with skin ranging from.

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Litherland , Ryan Macklin , and David N. ISBN Pathfinder Player Companion.

Champions of Balance. Artwork from Bastards of Golarion. Bad Blood Unlock the powers of your ancestors and combine the might of two worlds with Pathfinder Player Companion: Bastards of Golarion!

Whether you're the abandoned progeny of elven royalty or the feared result of hag trickery, your lineage is both strange and storied, and you must channel the brawn and guile of your forebears to prove yourself to a harsh and uncaring world—no matter the costs.

Goblins of Golarion presents a player-friendly overview of the favorite foes of the Pathfinder campaign setting , along with new rules and information to help players customize goblin characters in both flavor and mechanics.

Inside this book, you'll find:. Retrieved from " https: Hidden category: Uses Book template.

Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN Pathfinder Player Companion. Faiths of Corruption.

Artwork from Goblins of Golarion. We Be Goblins!

The goblins are on the loose!While all of these things can be found among the Mwangi—particularly among the Bekyar—to paint all the cultures of the far south with the same brush is a gross misrepresentation.

Through the ages, the Azlanti blood became ever more diluted. These in any nation, who are full-time professional leaders of facilities function as soup kitchens or homeless shelters the church. Learn of the varied and distinctive ethnicities of humankind, from rugged Ulfen vikings and scheming Chelish diplomats to noble Garundi travelers and mysterious Tian merchants, and master the unique skills and traditions they use to face the dangers of a world that refuses to be tamed.

Because of this, people tend not to trust Chelaxians any further than a contract dictates, and even among themselves, Chelaxians haggle over minor details of promises and oaths. Tian-Min: The Tians of the vast peninsula nation of Minkai possess the widest variety of eye color, encompassing shades of blue, green, violet, orange-red, black, and brown.

Their skin tone ranges from olive to pale white, and their dark hair ranges from deep brown or dark red to black.