adminComment(0) Below you can download material from all steps. On the left You can click on the file name and download and save the file. After a. In addition, in the Chess Tutor the Stappenmethode is complemented by a lot of new activities for download (download) - also demo - examples - documentation. Rob Brunia_ Cor Van Wijgerden - Learning Chess - Manual Step 2 () Learning Chess Workbook Step Rob Brunia_ Cor Van Wijgerden - Learning Chess - Manual Step 4 ().

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The Chess Tutor is a Windows program for the learning of chess, based on the internationally successful Stappenmethode by Brunia/van Wijgerden, with which . Learning Chess - Workbook Step 1 Extra (Chess-Steps, Stappenmethode, the Steps Method) Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App . Learning Chess - Workbook Step 4 Extra (Chess-Steps, Stappenmethode, the Steps Method) Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App .

Here at a glance are some of the most important differences: Under the surface of the program, another program is working, a chess program, an engine.

The old Tasc Tutor was not able to play chess, which of course was an enormous failing. Every reply from the user had to be anticipated. The user learns much more like that. The fact that there is a chess program now makes it possible to employ the knowledge which has just been acquired.

Positions can be played out to a finish and even complete games can be played. In Step 1 even a beginner is able to win, because the engine plays badly, yet in an intelligent way. It also sometimes loses pieces and allows itself to be checkmated.

A special chess program was developed for the games section: games without kings, trapping pieces, collecting coins, etc. Over the years, the print version of the Stappenmethode has also changed. What you know from 12 is still true for 13, so there is no real learning curve to be navigated.

So what is new in ChessBase 13? You can now save data to the ChessBase Cloud, where it will eventually be available to credentialed users in the ChessBase GUI, in mobile apps, and in a web interface. Right now I keep some of my data in a Dropbox folder.

When I write a new game to my games database, it is immediately mirrored to the cloud, and that change is written to my other computers the next time they boot up. The ChessBase Cloud duplicates this functionality, so that databases in the Cloud are mirrored to other computers linked to the same login, but it might also create some additional possibilities.

Learning Chess - Workbook Step 2 (Chess-Steps, Stappenmethode, the Steps Method, Workbook Volume 2)

Databases can be shared between users. You can make a database public on the web, or you can specify that only certain users can access the data.

The game in the screenshot click here to enlarge is from an article retweeted by Peter Svidler. Carlsen may well have had a win in Game 7 of the World Championship! There is also something in the documentation about data being eventually accessible via a web GUI.

I could make a file available to a friend who is travelling or who does not have a Windows computer, and they could study it in their browsers or on an app. In both cases you can specify the engines to be used, the time allotted per position or per batch of positions, and how you want the results of the analysis to be recorded.

You can put those positions into ChessBase, add them to the list of positions to be analyzed, and then walk away while your engines do their magic.

Learning Chess - Workbook Step 2

I can see how this might be useful for me at my level, and I can only imagine how it could be useful for a professional with dozens of positions to check before a big event. Click here to enlarge this image It should be noted that, as of RC 5 or version 1 of the official release , I could not coax this feature into full operation.

I am told, through e-mails with ChessBase, that this should be fixed in the immediate future.

Repertoire Function The repertoire function is said to be improved in ChessBase 13, so that now white and black repertoires are distinguished from one another.

This presented me with two repertoire databases, one for my games with White and one for my games with Black. ChessBase put all of my games with each color into the appropriate game files, giving each game an easily recognizable English-language name and saving the databases to the Cloud.

One thing you can do is to scan new databases — issues of The Week in Chess , Informants , or CBMs — to see what new games appear in lines that you play. I tested this with ChessBase Magazine and my black repertoire. ChessBase produced a report listing all the relevant games from CBM for my repertoire.

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Manual Chess Tutor step 1

Companies are always concerned about cloud security, but may overlook other factors in cloud adoption, such as the impact on performance. Does anyone know how to wipe a PacketShaper. How do I rebuild the flash disk on PacketShaper models , , and ? To download presentation.

Learning Chess - Workbook Step 2 (Chess-Steps- Stappenmethode- The Steps Method- Workbook Volume 2)

Select your Packetshaper. Cisco IOS images for Dynamips. Appendix - Starting a Router Terminal or Console.

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They are available to PacketShaper after it does its automatic daily download. Documentation and Release Notes.Every step now contains much more material. Created by smasher on Nov 5, 00 AM. I am told, through e-mails with ChessBase, that this should be fixed in the immediate future. Customers running PacketShaper and PolicyCenter 9. Download Download Options. Evenmin is er discussie.

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