Decretals of Gregory IX with gloss of Bernard of Parma (the 'Smithfield Decretals') The Decretals of Gregory IX, edited by Raymund of Penyafort (or Peñafort);. Title, Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria (the 'Smithfield Decretals') The Augustinian priory of St Bartholomew's at Smithfield: inscribed, 'Liber domus . The Smithfield Decretals is the name given to London, British Library, MS Royal 10 E IV, a glossed copy of the Decretals of Gregory IX.

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(Smithfield Decretals) probably in France, but it was in England by c where its owner, probably John Batayle, a canon of St Bartholomew's at Smithfield. PDF | A survey of illuminated medieval manuscripts from Europe reveals depictions of of hours, breviaries, pontificals, ordinals, decretals. , pp. REYNARD THE FOX AND THE. SMITHFIELD DECRETALS. The Smithfield Decretals (British Museum,. Royal MS. Io E. Iv) is a large volume of.

Its familiar name derives from the fact that it belonged to St Bartholomew's, Smithfield, in the 15th century, as shown by an ownership inscription:. My second point is more important.

Bovey states p. In fact, there are several other published records of this John Batayle, as he rises rapidly up the ecclesiastical hierarchy from acolyte to priest.

Legal texts in digitized manuscripts at the British Library

According to Bovey and by general consensus , "Copied on the Continent It was in England that it received an extra quire of text and decoration, including the Batayle arms.

A book of decretals would have been of no practical use to its owner unless he had undertaken study of Canon Law at university, so its first owner is unlikely to have been younger than about 20 years old in We may thus estimate that he was born in or earlier.

Indeed, we might reasonably expect that only a considerably older man, well established in his legal career, would have been able to afford such a book. Royal 10 E IV, fol.

Royal MS 10 E IV

For each manuscript you can go to a page with thumbnail images and summary descriptions of the illuminations. Often you will find more detailed images, too.

Thus choosing a scene using this overview from the bas-de-page illustrations of the Smithfield Decretals is even easier than using the complete digital version of this manuscript. The illustrations in the lower margins present often consecutive scenes and tales.

Some books have only penwork flourishes at the beginning of chapters. Among these illuminated manuscripts with decretals I would like to single out Harley , a manuscript written between and with papal decretals and statutes of England.

Legal texts in digitized manuscripts at the British Library

A lawyer addressing an assembly — British Library, ms. Harley , fol. This text and other statutes can be found in nearly sixty illuminated manuscripts.

Harley first half fourteenth century with both the Statuta Angliae and the text of the Magna Carta deserves mentioning for its picture of a lawyer speaking to an assembly. The Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts is truly a treasure trove, even if the manuscripts of the Cotton collection have not yet been included.

Legal iconography will not come back empty-handed from searches at this website or in the Online Gallery of the British Library. It is surely possible to include the BL in a comparison of online image resources of major research libraries, something that might be really interesting. In particular the use of taxonomies such as Iconclass might come into view when comparing different databases.

A comparison with a portal such as Manuscripts Online: Written Culture from to would be equally valuable. I invite you to use its resources for yourself and to choose a manuscript that deserves digitization, or even inclusion among the showcases. The British Library has much more to offer, and I am sure this library will be present again in future posts.

Herbert, Illuminated Manuscripts London: Methuen, , p. George F. Warner and Julius P.

Spass und betroffenheit Einst und Heute: Festschrift zum Geburtstag von Heinz Kindermann, ed. Michelle P. Hilary M. Carey, 'What is the Folded Almanac?But "plausible" is not the same thing as "probable", and is certainly not the same thing as a fact. Princeton University Press, , pp.

Smithfield Decretals

Searching for digitized legal texts at the BL Some people will like to know as quickly as possible about the things that make a search interface more effectively or hamper its working.

A blog dedicated to news on digitized medieval manuscripts at the BL helps you to stay informed about the progress of digitization for manuscripts from a particular period.

Michael Camille, Image on the Edge: Some books have only penwork flourishes at the beginning of chapters. I will give below the correct links to the full descriptions. I hesitate to include here a fragment of farming memoranda of Ely Abbey from the first quarter of the eleventh century Add.