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Download eBooks Valley of the Dolls (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Jacqueline Susann Free Complete eBooks. Valley of the Dolls book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dolls: red or black; capsules or tablets; washed down with v. Valley of the Dolls is the first novel by American writer Jacqueline Susann. Published in . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Until that day though, it's a winning premise, and I will probably never stop reading celebrity gossip pages, no matter how much I know on an intellectual level that the "information" they dispense is totally a false, b trivial, and c ethically deplorable. Does this make The Valley of the Dolls a good book?

Heck no. Each of the three main characters we follow hardly has two characteristics to rub together: Anne is a frigid New Englander, Neely is talented and needy, Jennifer is beautiful and… untalented.

This obsession with the men in their lives is all the more baffling for how none of the male characters barely even has one characteristic, let alone any attractive ones.

Susann's pacing is all over the place, she appears to lose interest in Jennifer at some point, and her idea of what is shocking is actually mostly campy, sometimes to the point of hilarity view spoiler [like the mentally-disabled crooner hide spoiler ]. On the plus side, this makes The Valley of the Dolls a mostly painless read, one that I finished fairly quickly and which left me enough brain cells free to come up with the idea that it's totally like The Great Gatsby.

Rating: 1. Think Cribs aka taste, what taste? He tells her that he considers her breasts his babies.

She commits suicide rather than be disfigured. Neely comes for the funeral and stays with Anne. She loses the ability to sing for psychological reasons.

In a moment of self-pity she attempts suicide again. This time, Anne has her committed to a psychiatric institution, where Neely will stay for several years.

They decide to spend as much time together as possible, despite the fact that Anne is engaged to Kevin. Anne makes no attempt to hide her renewed interest in Lyon.

Kevin finally breaks it off with her. With her friend Henry Bellamy's help and without Lyon's knowledge , Anne manages to secure some longer-term writing projects for Lyon that keep him in New York City. Anne secretly gives Henry enough money for him to loan to Lyon under the pretense that it is his money so Lyon can afford to download Henry's share in the business.

Lily of the Valley Dress 18" Dolls

Lyon gives up writing to resume his position at the renamed Bellamy, Bellows, and Burke, assuming that Henry is helping him so the firm will not be bought by a rival. She demands more and more of Lyon's time, so Anne and the baby spend much of their time alone.

A newspaper item alerts Anne that Lyon and Neely are having an affair. Neely tells Lyon about how Anne really is the one who bankrolled his download of the company. He vows to Anne that he will pay her back every dime but that he will no longer be controlled by her.

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Anne turns to Henry for support; he tells her to stick it out and gives her pills to help her cope. Anne Welles, a reserved New England beauty who sees New York as the romantic city of her dreams; Neely O'Hara, an ebullient vaudevillian with a talent she doesn't fully understand; and Jennifer North, a sweet-natured showgirl who wants only to be loved.

As life becomes difficult, each woman grows increasingly dependent on "dolls", the amphetamines and barbiturates which, for a time, seem to help. Crossing their paths are such people as Helen Lawson , a brilliant, but ruthless, Broadway legend; Lyon Burke, a magnetic, but self-centered, theatrical attorney; Tony Polar, a child-like, but sexually aggressive, pop singer; Kevin Gillmore, a powerful, but lovesick, cosmetics tycoon; and Ted Casablanca, a potent, but opportunistic, fashion designer.

Over the course of 20 eventful years — , each of the women strives to ascend the Mount Everest of her dreams, only to find herself back in the valley of the dolls.

Susann had apparently been thinking about the novel for some time. Some years earlier, she had begun Underneath the Pancake , a show business novel, with her actress friend Beatrice Cole c.

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It'll only make my books sell. I don't care.

And because I have a good ear, I unconsciously pick up certain people. Susann dedicated the book to her poodle Josephine, and to her husband Irving Mansfield. The book was published by Bernard Geis Associates on February 10, , and "took off like a Cape Canaveral space shot. Although Publishers Weekly , in an advance review, called the novel "big, brilliant and sensational" if "poorly written" , [10] the book received largely negative reviews. Despite the poor reviews, the book was a commercial juggernaut.

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On May 8, , in its ninth week on the list, the book reached 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List, where it remained for 28 consecutive weeks. The novel was adapted for television in as Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls , a mini-series executive-produced by Susann's widower Irving Mansfield and directed by Walter Grauman. In a late-night, syndicated television soap opera , Valley of the Dolls , ran for one season and 65 episodes. The premise was a loose adaptation of the novel.

It was part of the Woman's Hour programme's ongoing fifteen-minute daily drama slot, [20] and has been rebroadcast several times on BBC Radio 4 Extra in three minute omnibus episodes.

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University of Virginia, via Publishers Weekly, Retrieved January 10, In that capacity, "The Valley of the Dolls" shone brilliantly. It's easy to get attached to these girls. She finds work on a television program and keeps busy during the day; she takes Seconal at night to sleep.

She predicted the celebrity culture we live in now. Preview — Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. Finally, Miriam reveals the reason for her opposition to the relationship: Tony, already barely mentally competent, has Huntington's chorea , which the baby will likely inherit; Tony himself will likely be committed to a mental asylum within a few decades.