[PDF] Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Series, Book 1) by Kendall Ryan Online Free^ DESCRIPTION ***Warning – 18+ contains explicit sexual situations and language***The first book in the powerfully erotic Filthy Beautiful series"Our final object up for auction has. Filthy Beautiful Love. Filthy Beautiful Lies (Series). Book 2. Kendall Ryan Author ( ). cover image of Filthy Beautiful Love. Read Filthy Beautiful Lies read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Filthy Beautiful Lies is a Romance novel by Kendall Ryan.

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Read Filthy Beautiful Love read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Filthy Filthy Beautiful Love is the provocative conclusion to Filthy Beautiful Lies. contains both Filthy Beautiful Lies and Filthy Beautiful Love, the complete story of Filthy Beautiful Lies: The Series by Kendall Ryan Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio. Download pdf book Filthy Beautiful Lies (Filthy Beautiful Lies Series #1) by Kendall Ryan - Free eBooks.

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It's an instinctual response by now; Seokjin grips his nape, squeezes, and Jungkook's strings are cut in an instant, putting him on his knees if he's standing and making his dick twitch in excitement.

Now he lets himself be rearranged until he's lying flat on his stomach, legs spread wide, with Seokjin pressing his chest to his back and his crotch to Jungkook's butt. They're both shirtless, and Seokjin's still in his briefs while Jungkook kept the baby blue cotton panties he'd been given after he ruined his black pair last night.

That means a lot of sleepy-warm skin and a very thin layer of fabric between Seokjin's growing bulge and Jungkook's ass. All good, wonderful things. Slowly, he starts to rut against him and Jungkook whimpers at the feel of Seokjin's clothed dick pressing between his ass cheeks, gliding smoothly along the fabric of his panties.

He already feels like he's floating high in the sky, giddy with love and happiness and excitement.

You're so soft and sweet, I'm gonna go slow and enjoy every little breath and noise I fuck out of you," Seokjin promises kissing along his shoulder and up to his neck, biting lightly and smiling into it as it makes Jungkook shiver. All it gets him is a hard smack to his butt, a sharp sting that has him yelp in surprise even as his cock grows harder at the abuse.

He's a slut for impact play and Seokjin-hyung knows it, laughing softly at him as he drags Jungkook's panties off and starts massaging his ass.

See a Problem?

Jungkook wriggles it in anticipation, biting his lip as he buries his face in his crossed arms. You know your safewords, bunny. But that's the point, of course, and Jungkook is competitive enough to burn with the need to prove that he can do it. It's one of the things Seokjin loves to praise him for, for being so good at the things Seokjin challenges him with.

The feeling of his hyung's warm, eager tongue against his hole is impossible, however. Jungkook gasps, back arching as he pushes his ass into him, wanting more. Another hard smack is delivered to his cheek, followed by a growl and a warning nip at his skin before Seokjin pushes forward, slipping his tongue in deep.

His grip on Jungkook tightens as he pushes him down into the bed to prevent him from wriggling, sucking and mouthing at his hole as Jungkook cries out in pleasure.

Lessons from Liberty Jail

He manages, mostly, to keep still although his hands twists restlessly around the sheets of the bed as he tries to hold on. He's still a bit sensitive from last night, but also more open than he would be otherwise, and so there's little resistance when Seokjin pushes a finger in alongside his tongue but it has Jungkook sobbing at the sensation.

It's slow, and messy, and it's driving Jungkook out of his mind. The poor boy is a mess, mouth open as he lets out broken, pleading noises and drool wetting the pillow he's pressing his face into as he arches his back and moves his hips into the rhythm Seokjin's set. He's almost regretful when he pulls out his fingers, leaving the boy's hole gaping slightly and grasping to be filled again.

His lovely skin is glowing in the morning light, flush with the heat of arousal, and his cute little butt shines red from several heavy smacks from Seokjin's hands. He can't help but grab at it, massaging each cheek and spreading him wide to enjoy the view of the swollen, wet rim of his hole. He lets go with one hand to guide his cock to his boy's entrance, rubbing the tip against him, while his other hand moves to rest on the small of Jungkook's back to rub gently at the base of his spine.

Jungkook's shivering, making soft, sweet noises as he does what he can to plead with Seokjin in his non-verbal state. Seokjin's dick is hard and an angry red, weeping, from playing with his boy so well and watching him come apart under his hands and mouth. It's easy, to press inside. He's slow, though, enjoying the feeling of sinking into his bunny's tight heat.

It's a delicious torture, to keep himself in check and not simply snap his hips hard and set a brutal pace that would no doubt drive Jungkook straight into release by how tightly wound up he already is. But Seokjin likes the agony of keeping them both on edge, especially when it drives Jungkook out of his mind and into this sweet, pliant headspace that has him melting into Seokjin's hands. Jungkook whines high and long, going easily as Seokjin pushes his hips down into the mattress until he's lying prone on his front again.

He arranges them until Jungkook's legs are pressed together, making him impossibly tight, as Seokjin places his knees on either side of Jungkook's hips for better leverage. He puts his hands on the small of Jungkook's back, gently massaging, and he starts moving in a slow, steady rhythm. In, and out; his cock burying deep and dragging out slow, each thrust punctuated with a hard jab to get as deep as possible and grazing his boy's sweet spot.

He keeps at it, sweat running down the back of his neck, Jungkook crying and shaking beneath him as he's pushed further and further towards his breaking point. It must be a sweet torture, getting gently fucked into the mattress with his untouched, weeping dick trapped between his body and the smooth fabric of the sheets. He's so tight, quivering around Seokjin's cock as his muscles clenches and unclenches from the pleasure, and Seokjin knows they're both not far from giving in.

He leans down, fucking in deep and staying there, pausing his thrusts to mouth along Jungkook's shoulder as he lies down along his bunny's back. He noses gently behind Jungkook's ear, nudging at his damp hair, before kissing his way to Jungkook's flushed cheek and licking teasingly at the corner of his open mouth.

Jungkook moans, hands twitching in the sheets, and tries desperately to rut into the bed and back onto Seokjin's cock. It's not doing much, but it's enough to push Seokjin into moving again.

You've been so good to me, my perfect sub, all needy and desperate. You deserve to cum hard, don't you baby? He fucks him until he's been moved up the bed so far his head almost bangs into the headboard, quick and dirty and rough. It's got Jungkook trashing beneath him, kicking his feet and banging his hands against the headboard while he screams out loud at the sudden change of pace. Given me a book thats full of steam, a book thats sweet and has the perfect amount of angst and drama to balance the sweet and sexy.

At the start of this story, we meet a girl named Sophie. Sophie is a virgin. Something that can save her sister. Money is what she needs and she finds onl 4. Money is what she needs and she finds only one way to get the amount.

Sell her virginity to the highest bidder. She just has to pull it together. For six months.

For her sister. I need to remember that.

Colton Drake is at this auction on a whim. Someone to stay with him, have no strings sex and fill his wants and desires.

Successful and sexy. He shouldn't need to download anyone. So this is the best solution he could find.

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Colton certainly never thought he would download a virgin. Something about Sophie changed his mind.

Her reasons for being here aren't my concern. The last thing Sophie expected was to be attracted to the man who bought her.At the start of this story, we meet a girl named Sophie. Even though our circumstances are anything but normal, I can tell this is our new normal. The Platte City Missouri Stake lies adjacent to the Liberty Missouri Stake, now a very famous location in Church history encompassing several important Church history sites, including the ironically named Liberty Jail.

After all, she is there for his pleasure right. He follows, Jungkook tight around him, and fucks his cum into him with shaky, desperate thrusts of his hips.

With just the short brotherly interactions, I know this woman would be one-clicking like crazy to get a hold those boys. Jungkook's shivering, making soft, sweet noises as he does what he can to plead with Seokjin in his non-verbal state.

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